Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Defoliation is in process and we could see some areas begin to harvest by the first or second week of October. Heavy rains in the early Spring significantly delayed planting so harvest will be later for the 2011 crop. While estimates are favorable for bales per acre, total U.S. production will be lower than pre-season projections due to the severe drought throughout the Texas growing region. Despite global crop improvement, prices have not retracted to what might be termed as “normal levels”. At the close of the market on September 22, 2011; the futures price dropped below $1.00. The global commodity price and the stunted domestic crop will impact gin mote pricing. A clearer picture of the 2012 market should be in view by late October.
Information provided by Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. Yarn Suppliers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Welcome to Lafitte Mop Co., Inc. and to the world of Dust Control throught Wet Mops, Dust Mops, Brooms and Brushes. Since 1974 we have excelled in the manufacturing and distribution of mops for industrial and commercial use. Over the years we have developed an extensive product line to our customer's satisfaction nationwide. Our primary products, featuring an array of styles of both wet and dust mops have been developed for practicality, longevity and usefulness.