Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS - Save Money and Save Jobs!!!

Does bottom line price mean more than the quality of a product? In this economy the answer most always seems to be YES. But if you think about it, one will end up spending MORE money in the long run replacing the cheaper products. More often than not the cheaper priced products are imports. Have you ever thought that buying cheaper imported products is detrimental to American jobs? American manufacturers are suffering, or even worse, closing their doors as a result of the demand for imported goods because of their lower price and with no American manufacturers there are millions of fewer jobs. This is one of the largest factors in the unemployment battle. The sad thing is that people who are out of work can't afford to pay higher prices and so in turn they buy the very imported products that have put them on the unemployment line.
If we all try to start filling our homes with American made products we can help create jobs and at the same time save our own money from buying good quality products.

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